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MITO Insights: more women than men like it on our Facebook Page

09/05/2012 - 31/05/2012
MITO.org.uk living on web and in social networks has more women than men liking it. This result comes from the Facebook Page insights and we are happy to confirm that there's a generation of managers and entrepreneurs from the female world we deal often with, both for commercial and strategic purposes.

This is interesting, as studies and research give evidence to the fact that women tend to be more dynamic than their male colleagues.

Generally, women delegate more readily and express appreciation more often. ‘Women ask questions, men tend to give answers,’ says Terri Levine, a career coach based in North Wales, Pa., who often advises entrepreneurs.

Typically, when comparing managers, the dialogue is framed as men's command-and-control style versus women's team-building or consensus approach.

‘Women managers tend to have more of a desire to build than a desire to win,’ says Debra Burrell, a psychological social worker and regional training director of the Mars-Venus Institute in New York. ‘Women are more willing to explore compromise and to solicit other people's opinions.’ By contrast, men often think if they ask other people for advice, they'll be perceived as unsure or as a leader who doesn't have answers, according to Burrell.

We are very curious about how people work in the 2.0 or 3.0 market context, then how our contents impact on managers and entrepreneurs. MITO web living is on:

- Linkedin.com
- Facebook.com
- H2Biz.eu
- Officineinnovazione.it
- Viadeo.com

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Team MITO International Business Development