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Luxury and niche production for best retail destination: innovation first !

31/05/2013 - 30/06/2013
Retailing shows complexity in this macroeconomic phase. Small boutiques find it difficult to develop or preserving their position on the market, like large trading context cannot afford the huge costs to support their big venues.

On the other side of the medal, there's an online approach to shopping that seems to be interesting, as people retain to save time and money, even if they still want to walk on the street and feel phisically the window layout, the boutique interiors, how the store transmits sensation and charme or appeal.

Investments take different directions, with a sort of confused approach to the real customers' needs, while these remain confused themselves, with lack of really suitable services when using an online interface and poor satisfaction.

Real innovation comes from commons sense, like in most cases complexity can be solved with simplicity. If you split the two areas of the shopping experiences, you can easily understand that people need to spend and taste their time when comfortable with free time, then want to move fast and easy on the process, when dedicated to the practical aspects in shopping, that is payment and customer relationship.

How social and digital can contribute to the ideal format ? Integrating the two functions and creating innovative multitasking spaces, where people can literally smell the brand atmosphere and give input to technology, to link up and use services at home, or on the mobile.