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Events and communication in London: MITO provides your luxury project with exclusive events and venues.


If you or your company look at special events, communication and project launches, to impress your customers, your partners or for best media release, we are here to support your aim and to create your special moment in London.


We are at your disposal to arrange your meeting in exclusive private clubs, like in the London Eye or on the main deck of the HMS President on the Thames; the same if you want to invite your selected customers in a glamour wine bar in Notthing Hill or in a charming and best music Jazz Club down the stairs of a brick wall dark building, or again in an exclusive hotel-spa with all facilities or on a top floor wide view restaurant.

MITO is still here to support your communication and project launches with dedicated staff, if your products or your brand need to be presented to buyers, partners, investors, including flagstore, corner, shop-in-shop, collection launch campaigns.

Services available:
- events;
- business meetings and incentives;
- secret tasting London tours;
- photo shooting in best selected and glam venues or locations;
- classic&sportcars events or support to product/brand presentation;
- store/corner/shop-in-shop/collections presentation;
- models and staff for professional-business presentation.

For detailed information and quotation, please send an email to: management@mito.org.uk,