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A deep and detailed cultural approach for retail development .

25/02/2013 - 29/06/2013
MITO is continuously working on new ventures from luxury and niche companies, whose main value is provided from an exclusive mix of cultural approach and innovation.

By "cultural approach" we want to say that a small or a large company should always consider people behind a strategy and a balance sheet. Most brands work like softwares, feeding the market with grey coloured communication, lack of attention to customers' thoughts, absolute plan strategies dedicated to present quality and excellence.

We have noticed that in most cases there's a quality, there's a competiotion to excellence in manufacturing, but nothing happens when communication comes to the customer's mind and imagination.

We want to redefine such cultural approach, because identity and history, creativity and a slice of insanity in creating a fine relationship with the market, can provide success to get value on quality. And this is a sign of innovation at the same time, because innovation is not just up to a computer or social shopping. 

Innovation then become a distinctive sign when drawing that red line from the store to the customer idea of shopping, offering inspiration and communication, then a comfortable space in the layout, where to design customized and appealing shopping experiences.

Working with designers and photographers, MITO delivers a different approach to the sales, looking at new markets for famous or less famous brands, investing with them time and energies to design that relevant red line.