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Company profile

MITO is myth, but in Italy we use to say you're a "mito" when we think you're truly awesome !

The way you dress, the way you live and spend your time, the way you care about yourself and your image, the way you use words to express your wellbeing ... this is the style we'd like to experience in our everyday life !

MITO is a business development consultant for excellent italian companies looking to develop abroad.

At the same time MITO provides international clients with business solution in Italy and partners search.

Which value, which made-in-Italy ?

There's a part of Italy that's not yet part of the gossip column, and there's a made-in-Italy part of this undiscovered context, coming from hidden Italy, close to the warm and fascionable mediterranean style.

This is made of intense colours and flavour, human to human relationships, creativity and passion in design inspiration; there's a living nature part of the human nature, there's an ancient craftmanship tradition meeting modernity and glamour, there's a mix of elements you can find in some particular production.

What can you find through us ?
- Information and specific requirements on italian production.
- Cooperation and procurement for a particular made-in-Italy to differentiate from the ordinary one.
- Selection of new emerging brands and new stylist from south of Italy.
- New ideas and new business initiatives to share with an italian management support.

What's interesting in MITO ?
- Innovation and creativity.
- Customization and client care.
- Culture and production place values.
- Style, materials, events to make it innovative.
- Communication and dedicated image strategy.